Make  the switch to Capri Realty, it is very easy with two simple steps.

1, Sign our property transfer letter.

2, Sign our Management authority to act on your behalf.

Once complete we will do the rest removing you from any anxiety and further need for any third party communication.

We will complete all communications with your existing agent including documentation and key transfers.

The change over  with your tenant is seamless ensuring continuity of rental payments.

An inspection will be completed within 14 days and we will provide a full report on our findings.

We ensure at all times the tenants privacy is fully respected.

The final switch may vary in time from 30 to 90 days due to the signed  arrangements out lined in your current agreement, this is often negotiable however we will  take care of this with your directions.

Your assigned senior property manager will at all times keep you informed and remains available for your support.