This decision is likely to be one most important therefore your purchase preparation is vital to avoid mistakes and disappointment. These listed ideas are to guide or prompt you to cover as many contingencies before entering into a contract.

Do your research.

Before you start inspecting properties get a feel for your local or chosen area or where  you wish to buy, research various internet sites to give yourself some basic knowledge.

Work out your finances.

Calculate your capacity to service a loan, budgeting is a good idea. Searching and inspecting properties can be time consuming and an emotional time so only target what you can afford to manage.

Get your finance in place.

Speaking to a service provider is so important to avoid disappointment, establishing what you can borrow needs to be sink with the type and cost of the property. These first steps are especially important before you start a serious house hunting process or if you intend to buy at an auction.

Asses your needs.

This exercise is an important component so that you are not left with a property that can not meet your immediate needs and or your capacity to make improvements in the near future.

Due diligence and compliance.

At this time of your planning you need to consider checking local council for potential road, building, planning and zone changes. Additionally make sure you have the agent disclose all fees attached to the property, and that the property purchase is subject to an inspection for building and pest, statuary compliance and finance.