Making Application

Applications will be accepted and processed after the property has been inspected and supporting documents provided.  Assisting the property manager at this time is crucial for a timely assessment and a positive report to the property owner, refer to the application TAB and the guidelines.

Securing the Property

On receiving approval of your application (2) weeks rent and 4 weeks bond will  need to be transferred into our trust account and the lease documents signed within 48 hours of being approved.  The property can then be removed from the public domain and final plans can proceed to ensure a smooth transition into your new rental home.  If there is a cancellation of the agreement then one weeks deposit maybe forfeited.

Rent and Bond

Prior to moving into the property and issuing of the keys, bond equal to four (4) weeks rent is payable to the agency, this will be transferred to the RTA and held in their trust. The two (2) weeks rent already paid to the agency will be allocated to your payment ledger, the next payment of one (1) weeks rent is due after your first week of occupancy, this will effectively put you one (1) week in advance providing all future payments are made on time.

Rent Arrears Procedure

3 to 7 Days, Courtesy call, sms or reminder letter to the tenant/s.

8 Days in arrears, Notice to remedy breach [ Form 11 ] will be served on the tenant/s and the Lessor notified.

Expiry of the  form 11, Notice to leave [ Form 12 ] will be served on the tenant/s to terminate the tenancy.

Expiry of the form 12, The tenant/s is to handover possession of the property to the agent. Failure to do so may result in the agent lodging an urgent small claims tribunal application for termination/warrant of possession.

Ensure your Covered

Prior to your move in date ensure all arrangements with service providers are complete i.e. Electricity, Gas, Internet, Cable TV, Telephone and importantly contents insurance.  We can assist you with these arrangements, please speak with your property manager.  Finally ensure you fully understand the content of your agreement and the responsibilities and conditions associated with signing a lease.

Condition Report

Prior to the move in date the property manager will conduct an entry condition report.  This document is a record of the properties condition; it includes all fixtures, appliances and external surroundings.  Every effort is made to ensure it is a true representation at the time.  You will be expected to check all aspects of the report and mark any point that maybe different or missed in the tenants allocated space, this document has to be returned within three (3) working days and signed off by all parties.  It is crucial that due diligence applies as this document will be referenced at the time of vacating the property.

Routine Inspections

During the tenancy it is a requirement by the Agency to conduct periodic inspections, normally every seventeen (17) weeks.  At this time your property manager will inspect the condition of the property and report the outcome to the property owner.   Any points of concern will also be addressed with the tenant and a resolution put in place to rectify that concern.  Notice of the inspection date and time will be mailed well in advance; the inspection time frame is normally within a two (2) hour window on the given day.  There is no requirement for the tenant to be on site at this time.

Repairs and Maintenance

All issues that arise should be reported promptly to the Agency by telephone, email or the appropriate maintenance document; this can be downloaded from our website, it is important that all relevant information be provided.  The issue will be logged and the appropriate trades person engaged to rectify the issue.  It should be noted and understood that on many occasions, the costs associated with rectification has to be approved by the owner prior to any work commencing.

Lease Renewals

Commencing around two (2) months prior to the end of lease the agency will contact you to understand your early intentions and needs regarding any new lease.  This is normal practice and allows the agency, the owner and yourself to have any future needs addressed in advance.

Giving Notice

Traditionally there are two forms of notice; the first relates to the tenant giving notice prior to the end of lease, minimum two (2) weeks, or a break lease whereby the tenant reports their intention to vacate the property prior to the end of lease.  This second notice has specific criteria that must be adhered to prior to vacating the property; this latter option should be avoided as it can often be costly.  All of the relevant information can be sourced from our property management, the appropriate Form 13 should be sent to us, no action will occur until this signed form has been received, further information is also available at Rent Queensland.

  Form 13 notice of intention leave


Our Agency provides many tools to ensure we can effectively be contacted and work with tenants so the leasing experience with us is enjoyable, friendly and professional.  Contact can be made via mobile, telephone, email, fax, SMS, or face to face during working hours.  In turn our outgoing communication with our tenants needs to be timely and effective so every effort should be made to work with us and give us every contact option.

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