Privacy Declaration Form

Please download our Privacy Declaration form here and attach to our tenancy application form before submitting.

Lease Details

    Have you been and inspected this Property?

  2. When would you like the lease to start?

  3. For how long would you like the lease?

  4. How many adults will occupy the property?

  5. How many children will occupy the property? Please include the ages of each child

Drivers Licence / Proof of Age

Your Contact Details
Applicant History
Address History
Employment History
Previous Employment
Emergency Contact Details
Personal References
Other Information
Utility Connection
  1. Please tick the required services for your new property and we will call you to arrange connection

100 Points of Identification
  1. Drivers Licence, 18+ Card, Passport or Proof of Age card

  2. Payslip, Centrelink or Bank Statement

  3. Gas, Electricity or Telephone Statement

  4. Credit card, Medicare Card or Healthcare card

Costs & Privacy Policy
    • Bond: Contact Office
    • First 2 Weeks Rent: Contact Office
    • Initial Payment Required: Contact Office
    • Ongoing Rent Per Week: Contact Office
  1. It is a requirement when applying for a property that you read and understand the privacy statement and the Tenancy Agreement that you are required to sign, prior to submitting an application for tenancy.

  2. Please upload a signed copy of our Privacy Declaration. This must be completed before submitting